Monday, September 25, 2017

Florence and Rome

I am condensing the rest of the trip into one post because it has taken me two months to post these. 
The last week of the trip I went to Florence and Rome. I liked Florence best probably because it was more confined and less vehicular traffic. I will admit that in both cities I was a bit lonely. I walked a TON and got to draw anywhere I wanted but I did not like the lines and zillions of people. So I opted to go where there were not a lot of people like the cemetery or the Boboli Gardens. 
I was inspired by the architecture and loved the narrow streets. I just think it would have been even better with my crazy and chaotic family. 

View from my hotel room

The murals were amazing

as was the stone work

this is marble

And on to Rome! My trip was shortened by a day because United contacted me about a huge storm moving through Chicago. They said if I did not leave a day early I may end up stuck in Chicago for three days. I did not want that so I left before seeing the Vatican. Next time!

This to scale drawing of the coliseum was created in the 1700's

I took this photo not for the famous marble statues and fountains, but because of all the people.
I tired not to be overwhelmed by the number of selfies taking place. What has our society become?

aqueducts - the engineering and ingenuity amazed me 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Italian Wedding

Niina and Marco were married on July 15, 2017. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful everything was.  The marriage service was in their town hall and the reception was at an old monastery dating back to 1,100AD.  We ate an amazing meal, drank a lot, and danced until the sun rose. It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.
Niina and Marco and kids going to the court house

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wedding Bound - Fabriano

The entire purpose of the trip was to attend my high school friend Niina's wedding. Niina is Finnish and Marco is Italian. She has been with her husband for years and has even had two children with him, but the time came to throw a big celebration. And that they did! But prior to that we prepared. We went to the beach, saw the venue and just had a great time. The town where Marco is from is called Fabriano. It's home to one of the oldest manufacturing paper companies. 

Lunch! It lasted a solid 2 hours and was amazing!

The caves in the wedding venue - the place dated back to 1100 AD. 

Wedding Venue

The Finn's

The Italian's

This place was amazing!